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It’s Library Lovers’ Day 14 February 2022


About Library Lovers’ Day

Today is a day that celebrates love, yes, but it’s also Library Lover’s Day on February 14, dedicated to book lovers across the globe. The day honours libraries and the amazing life-changing books they hold within them.

According to The Australian Library and Information AssociationIt’s a day to remember that our libraries are a place where we can get lost in an idea we are following, find an adventure we are seeking in a book, discover more about an issue we feel passionate about or get help from someone about something we want to know. These are all the reasons (and more) to celebrate the valuable roles libraries play in our lives and to re-engage with our libraries and ‘show the love’.

The Kelvin Grove Library has a ‘lovely’ display on level 3 at the top of the main stairway.  Feel free to borrow any of these books and have a look at the rest of the collection while you’re at it. Alternatively, you can always access the collection here.

Happy Library Lovers’ Day from QUT Library

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