SAGE Higher Degree Research Publication Prize – The winners announced!

The winners of the 2021 SAGE Publication prize were announced in an online ceremony on Tuesday 14 December, 2021. The Deputy Chair of the QUT Office for Scholarly Communication Advisory Board, Dr Levon Blue from QUT’s Carumba Institute, awarded the prizes to the winners, who then shared a summary of their research and a publishing tip.

Sage Publishing has partnered with QUT since 2014, in sponsoring this publication prize. QUT acknowledges their generosity and support of HDR student publishing.

QUT Library extends heartfelt congratulations to the six outstanding winners and five commended entries.  A record number of 88 entries was received.  The judges commented that the quality of the research and writing presented in the articles in the 2021 competition was extremely impressive, and the task of deciding winners was a challenge.

Links to the six category winners’ papers that capture their research are below, along with a publishing tip shared by each winner.

The 2021 winners are:

Indigenous category

Winner: Katrina Wruck – “Transformation of heulandite type natural zeolites into synthetic zeolite LTA

Publishing tip: Start writing as soon as possible by scheduling regular writing sprints throughout your week.

Faculty of Business & Law 

Winner: Timothy Hor – “From the theories of financial resource acquisition to a theory for acquiring financial resources – how should digital ventures raise equity capital beyond seed funding

Publishing tip: As a practitioner returning to academia for my Phd, my one tip for publishing is take the following courses (seriously): ​Research Seminar BSN503 ​and Research Methodology BSN502. What I learned in these units was instrumental to my first publication.​

Commended: Maria Hameed Khan – “Post-heroic heroism: Embedded masculinities in media framing of Australian business leadership

Publishing tip: Spend some time on journal selection. Look through the aims and scope of the journal and recent publications to determine if it is a good fit for your topic.

Faculty of Creative Industries, Education and Social Justice 

Winner: David Bondy Kaye – “The co-evolution of two Chinese mobile short video apps: Parallel platformization of Douyin and TikTok

Publishing tip: Ask others to read your draft before submitting to a journal. ​I have asked colleagues, mentors, and supervisors to take a quick look at my writing before sending it off, which has helped to catch small mistakes and point out areas where the argument can be strengthened. The flip side to this would be to always offer to read others’ work if they ask. This builds a culture of peer mentorship and support that was invaluable to me during my HDR journey.

Commended: Dawa Dukpa – “Exploring Bhutanese teachers’ knowledge and use of strategies for the inclusion of students on the autism spectrum

Publishing tip: Tailor your paper to the themes of the journal and familiarize yourself with papers already published in previous volumes of that journal.

Faculty of Engineering 

Winner: Guilherme Silva – “String stable integral control design for vehicle platoons with disturbances

Publishing tip: Write with confidence, you know much more than you think. That said, take each review comment, from reviewers or co-authors, with an open heart. If someone did not understand something you wrote, chances are many will not understand as well. And during reviewing/ resubmission stage, all answers to a reviewer’s comments need to be accompanied by modifications to the paper.

Commended: Mathilde, Desselle, – “Evaluating the safety and effectiveness of novel personal protective equipment during the covid-19 pandemic

Publishing tip: When writing with a multidisciplinary team, pick your audience. My research sits at the intersection of engineering, design and medicine with collaborators from varied disciplines and avenues. Having the conversation early about the choice of journal and angle makes writing together more efficient.

Faculty of Health 

Winner: Kate Hutchins – “Female (under) representation in exercise thermoregulation research

Publishing tip: Don’t edit ‘yourself’ out of your work. Embrace your writing nuances, state your perspective and be honest in your conclusions.

Commended: Mai Nguyen – “Health services utilization among older adults in Vietnam: evidence from the National Household Living Standard survey 2016

Publishing tip: persistence and resilience are the key to publish a scientific paper.

Faculty of Science 

Winner: Reuben Young – “Apocryphal FADS2 activity promotes fatty acid diversification in cancer” Publishing tip: Maintain perseverance! During the publication process we submitted to 8 journals, changed the title 4 times and the ordering of the manuscript once to attempt to get it beyond the editor’s desk in a time period where COVID-19 was the hot topic, not cancer.​ Sometimes it’s not the quality of the work that knocks you back, and you need to adapt and persevere to get across the finish line.

Commended: Philipp Menzel – “Predicting wavelength-dependent photochemical reactivity and selectivity

Publishing tip: Train with the best. (Advice from a former mentor of mine in a Scholarly Foundation in Germany, when we talked about different universities and research groups and selecting a supervisor for a PhD).

Thank you to SAGE for the ongoing support and sponsorship in this highly competitive competition that inspires excellence in writing and publishing.


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