Have you seen the newly refurbished Curriculum Collection?

Old worlds, new worlds, other worlds

The Curriculum Collection has a new look and it is amazing!  A lovely atmosphere to study or collaborate or just sit and read.

This library collection contains teachers’ resource books and  material intended for use in a classroom situation. The collection is in two parts, non-fiction and fiction and is available for all QUT staff and students.

Creative Industries Design students designed the artwork that has been installed across four wall murals.

We’ll let the photos speak for themselves or you can explore the space on the virtual tour of the KG library.  We would also love to see you here in person too  –  Kelvin Grove Library, D Block, Level 4 (access via the link from R Block, Level 4).

Looking to the right towards the Non fiction collection
The teaching and learning space








Studying in the forest
Plenty of space for group work







Looking over the non fiction collection
More study spaces beyond the fiction collection







We hope you enjoy the new look as much as we do!


  1. Nice decoration! Loved the images. Studying will become quite interesting in these rooms.

    • Helen

      Fantastic thankyou! Great to hear your positive feedback. Enjoy the space!

  2. I like how the library’s documents are divided, it certainly makes searching for documents less time consuming. I also especially like the pictures on the wall that you guys have prepared.