Want more readers (and likely more citations) for your book chapter?  Put it into ePrints

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Did you know there’s a whole list of academic book publishers who allow authors to add their chapter to their own institutional repository, effectively making their work open access?

There are conditions and in some cases exclusions and embargoes, but this option is worth investigating if you want more scholars (or anyone in the world in fact) to read your research.

So how does it work?

First, check this list of academic book publishers to see whether your publisher permits self-archiving (also known as adding it to an institutional repository). If so, you can also check there how your chapter can be shared and whether a licence or embargo is required.

Second, find the postprint or accepted manuscript, which is the revised version, after copyediting but before the publisher adds formatting or typesetting (not the proof version from the publisher).

Thirdly, send it to eprints@qut.edu.au if this chapter has already appeared in PURE.

QUT’s ePrints repository is beautifully indexed in Google Scholar so by adding this version of your chapter your work will be freely available to any readers who hit a paywall when they land at the publisher website.

For more help with publishing please contact your Liaison Librarian or the office of Scholarly Communications.

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