International Day

International Dog Day 2021

Thursday 26 August is International Dog Day and we hope these photos of some library related furry friends bring you a smile and some light relief.


These are the rare Fluffy Ragamuffin breed (aka Schnauzers with their winter coats), Fritzy and Elsie. They’re brother and sister! They came from the same litter, but their personalities couldn’t be more different.

Stephanie, Gardens Point library



DeeDee is a 12-year-old whippet, his colour is mostly blue with white trim.  He is very much a companion dog, his favourite place is wherever his mum is.  He is the most obedient, well behaved dog you could ever meet – he always does what he is asked, and he just wants everyone to love him.

Dee Dee

Nina was also a 12-year-old whippet.  Unfortunately, Nina departed this world just recently.  She has left behind memories of a very cheeky, but adorable and lovable little dog.  She was super playful, loved her soft toys, loved going out for walks and loved her treats.  She was not at all obedient and only did what she was asked if there was something in it for her!  She is greatly missed.

Deb, Research Support




Pablo….he is a quirky dog who LOVES carrots, loves the beach and HATES being left at home. He is 11 now and is slowing down. 

Madonna,  Document Delivery




Darcy. Age 2 Chocolate Labrador. Darcy joined our family after many requests from my eldest son to have a dog.  Darcy fits in really well and is loved by everyone in the family.  The only person she’s not fond of is Rocco the cat after he swiped her one day and now she will give him side eye. Darcy’s favourite past times are playing fetch with the ball or frisbee.  She also loves to go to the beach or creek for a swim. She loves her food – typical lab. Darcy is also know as DD.

Sami, Library Secretariat


Meet Tilly, 9 year-old border collie/blue heeler cross.  Tilly is a highly strung dog-human with limited social skills and is completely obsessed with chasing our chooks and eating our bees (sigh).  She often takes herself off on little neighbourhood ‘adventures’ with Max (the feline sibling) and was ‘arrested’ recently for criminal trespass (and bail wasn’t cheap).  We can’t imagine life without her.

Tracy, Office for Scholarly Communication




Here is Dante the Italian greyhound, he is nearly 18 months old. He  just loves being with people and laps up all the attention he can get! He particularly loves the day he gets to go and play at doggy day care, yes he is spoilt! Even after living with the cat nearly all his life Dante is still very wary of him and they do not get along well. We couldn’t imagine life without Dante.

Helen, KG library




This is Clancy the galah dog.

Rani, Office for Scholarly Communication

Hope you enjoy the day!

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