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International Cat Day 2021

It’s time to celebrate the furry feline family members who support some of our fabulous library staff.

Lola comes from England and you would think she’d be used to the colder weather but her favourite places to sleep in winter are under the blanket during work hours and on her skin mummy’s lap, which is very warm, in the evenings. The green towel is non-negotiable. If the towel isn’t on the lap, she’ll stand and stare back and forth from the towel to the lap until the situation is to her liking.


Meet Sabrina. Age almost 5yrs. Brindle tortoiseshell. Named Sabrina because she was born near Halloween. Lily and Wolf were some of her siblings. Sabrina likes her morning cuddles while her human mummy is trying to eat breakfast.  Sabrina is a very confident and friendly house cat, sometimes otherwise known as ‘Bri Bri’ or ‘The Pest’. Sabrina joined the family after their almost 19-year-old brindle tortoiseshell cat passed away.


This is Mickey. He is a companionable, adopted fellow who looks grumpier than he actually is. His favourite meal is mussels, defrosted to room temperature.


Introducing Mia. Mia is an RSPCA rescue kitten who was adopted last year. She likes to help during WFH lockdowns.___________________________________________________________________________________

Here is a much loved, aloof family cat. His name is Dash and he is 11 years old and likes to sit in things.




Meet Rocco. He’s a 7-year-old Mackerel tabby. Rocco was a rescue kitten and joined the family after their previous tabby cat passed away at 15. As soon as Rocco hears the cheese or ham coming out, he appears for some snacks. Rocco has also been known to eat hot chips, so we’re sure he thinks he’s a dog. Rocco was not impressed when Darcy dog joined the family.  Rocco is also known as ‘Uncle Buncles’ -no idea how that came about.


This is Annabelle. She is an old girl at 17 years old and is the sweetest cat in the world. She has a very good life dividing her time between the lounge and the sunny spot on the stairs.


Meet Willow. This grand old Dame turns 21 later this year and is going strong. She was found as a stray in the gutter when she was 7 weeks old and here we still are.


Max is a nine-year-old Tonkinese who likes to be the centre of attention, talks constantly, especially around feed times.  He is continuously bringing in small snakes to show his human family – usually live.


This is Henry the guard cat.


Abyssinians Nipper (left) and Tucker (right) love the heater in winter. Though they thought they’d left heaters behind in Melbourne when they caught the big, noisy bird up to Brisbane!


Loki and Boudica, two very chatty and very snuggly traditional Siamese cats!


This family’s first kitten – the whole neighbourhood turned out to see their new member of the family – everyone remembers that first love! Funny thing is no one in the family can remember her name – but the happiness and fun they had, they remember.


Meet Zoe Dawson. She is an affectionate cat who likes to ‘help’ her human daddy when he’s working from home. 


This is Clancy, the galah ‘cat’. He is 10, hand-reared and tame. He barks upon his owners return home (learnt from the neighbours dog). Clancy’s favourite food = anything humans eat and anything found on the floor. His favourite activity = throwing things that make loud noises and destroying anything of value. Clancy talks when he feels like it. 


Finally, we’d like to thank our feline (and feathered) fur babies for making our lives just that little bit more fantastic. Happy International Cat Day

Smiling Cat with Heart-Eyes on Google Android 12.0


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