Cite right with cite|write

Are you working on an assignment and wondering: How do I cite this source?  Or maybe: Why do I cite this source? Or maybe even: Do I have to cite it at all?

You can find the answers in QUT cite|write.

The ‘Cite’ section of this invaluable online resource provides concise explanations of why, when, and how to cite and reference. There are guides to the four QUT referencing styles (APA, Harvard, Vancouver, and AGLC4), each one featuring helpful templates and examples of nearly every source type you’ll come across,  from journal articles to computer games.

And for those tricky situations where you may need to build your own reference from scratch, there’s a handy step-by-step guide.

If you need further help with citing and referencing, you can consult a Librarian. Make a Researching and Referencing appointment (these can be conducted in person, online, or over the phone), attend a Library Drop-in session, or make use of our live Chat service. The Law Library Helpdesk can assist with general borrowing, researching, and referencing inquiries, as well as legal researching and referencing inquiries.

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