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Summer Reading 2020

Remember the joys of reading for pleasure? If you’re keen to get stuck into a good book these holidays, QUT Library has a great selection–including these overlooked contemporary Australian gems:







Profound and mysterious, Shaun Prescott’s  debut novel The Town documents an unnamed narrator’s stay in a (literally) disappearing town in the Central West of New South Wales.The story of George Hills, who survived the sinking of the steamship Admella off the South Australian coast in 1859, Jane Rawson’s novel From the Wreck is a highly original mix of historical fiction and sci-fi.







Wayne Macauley’s satirical novella  Simpson Returns re-examines the story of Simpson and his donkey: one of Australia’s enduring World War One myths.

Is non-fiction more your thing? Young Adult titles? Children’s books? Explore the Library’s collection (print, e-book, and audio-book format) here .

And remember that QUT Libraries will be closed from the 24th December to the 3rd January.  

Enjoy the summer break. See you in 2021! 

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