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Happy AusMusic T-Shirt Day! 2020

Happy AusMusic T-Shirt Day!  QUT Library staff love live music and we love a chance to help our favourite musos who’s livelihoods have been dramatically impacted by COVID.

With touring largely out of the question for musicians around the world, a recent UK report estimates that artists are getting by on roughly a third of their regular income.  Read more about it in The Guardian article UK music industry will halve in size due to Covid, says report or check out our own Professor Patrik Wikstrom’s go-to text, The music industry: Music In the cloud to see how touring, rather than record sales, forms the basis of the music industry in the era of streaming.

Live music aficionado and Associate Library Director, Nicole Clark has mobilised fellow fans by creating a “Library Rocks” fundraising team for AusMusic T-Shirt Day, plus a Library Spotify playlist featuring our most revered Aussie songs to enjoy and contribute to.








The best of Oz rock can also be found here in the library collection.  Over the years we’ve curated a canon of Oz music greats in the CD collection, from The Go-Betweens and Kylie, to Tame Impala and Miiesha.

You’ll find the history of Australian popular music well documented within the many books and videos in the 780s on level 4, KG Library and within the eBook collection.  How about starting with An anthology of Australian albums: critical engagements (2020) or Ngarra-burria: new music and the search for an Australian sound (2019)?

Please join us in supporting our musos, and of course, keep on rocking.

[Text by Alice Steiner]

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