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QUT Library Digital collection – Robert Augustus Henry L’Estrange

Robert Augustus Henry L’Estrange (1854-1941) had an interesting and colourful life.
As an amateur photographer, collector, family chronicler, and Irish protestant emigrant to Queensland in the mid -1880s, his extraordinary photographic legacy allows a glimpse into places and a past that in some cases no longer exist in Queensland and around the globe. His main period of photographic activity were from the mid -1870s to 1914

For the upcoming Australian Heritage Festival , to be held in 2021, The Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Digital Collection Alumni Donations collection plans to make these never before displayed images available to new audiences. Two digital exhibitions will be displayed at CUBE P Block, QUT, Gardens Point and The Sphere/Data Wall E Block QUT, Kelvin Grove. The photographic hardware will also be on display in R Block, QUT, Kelvin Grove.

The images (dry glass plates and lantern slides), journals and books have been digitised so they can be shared across the world. Additional items include a poster, exhibition PowerPoints available online during and after the exhibitions. Colouring books of images from the collection and postcards will be available to take home.

This is an example of one of L’Estranges’ collected ephemera items:

Do you know the countries depicted by the animals playing cricket?

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