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Happy Reads: Part 5

QUT Library staff are sharing some reads that make us Happy!

We hope you enjoy some more insights from QUT Library staff as we share our favourite reads and reading spots.




Hi, I’m Nicole. I’m currently the Associate Director, Library.  I’m part of the Library’s leadership team.

I’m a big book nerd and I love reading. I read mostly before I go to sleep (Exhibit A: bedside reading selection) or on the weekend  in my favourite comfy chair (Exhibit B), where I vie for space with my cat, Annabelle. I like having fiction and non-fiction on the go at the same time.  I’m currently reading Bernadine Evaristo’s “Girl, Woman, Other” which co-won the 2019 Booker Prize with Margaret Atwood.  And also “Ten Rogues” by Peter Grose that tells the unlikely rollicking tale of a group of escaped convicts who stole a ship and sailed from Van Dieman’s Land to Chile. True Story! 

There are many rousing tales from Australia’s history in the library collection.


I am a Senior Library Adviser, QUT GP Library. In the role, I support Library Enquiry Services, planning and managing the work of Library Advisers as well as collection development, development of online resources and involvement in library workshops and seminars.

I am an avid reader as evidenced from my bookcase. My favourite genre is Crime but depending on my mood almost anything can be a good read.  Louise Penny, Emily Maguire & Jane Harper three of my favourite crime writers.

You can search for these authors in the Library collection here


Howdy, I’m Majella from the Library Resource Services team – we buy your books, videos, and journals.

This is where I love to read: in the sun, on the window seat bench in my study.

A book that makes me very happy is one written by a member of my team, Renee April: “Her crown of Fire”. A romping read, and I love seeing the creative side of our Library folk.

QUT Library has a wealth of Fantasy Fiction, if you need to find another world to get lost in.


I work in the AIRS (Advance Information Research Skills) team. I help maintain the records for the unit, assist students with assessment or extension queries, and assist the Unit Coordinator with projects to improve the unit.

 One of my favorite books is Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey. It is the first book in a fantastic Sci-Fi series that delves into the politics and drama that would unfold if the human race had colonized the solar system…and then found evidence of an advance alien species! It is an exciting read, and a great example of contemporary Sci-Fi. I like to read on my balcony surrounded by my plants and my cat (Chairman Meow).

 Many great Science Fiction reads can be found in the library collection.

Hope you are enjoying our ‘Happy Reads’ series as much as we are!

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