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Happy Reads: Part 4

QUT Library staff are sharing some reads that make us Happy!

We’re back … and we hope you enjoy some more insights from QUT Library staff as we share our favourite reads and reading spots.



1. KIM

Hi, my name is Kim and I am currently the University Librarian at QUT. My role is wide and varied and probably not all that exciting to the majority of you. The part of my job that I enjoy the most is working with the wonderful team of Library staff at QUT. They are innovative, focused and second to none when it comes to supporting the QUT community.

I do lots of reading which is mainly work related. To change the pace I write each of my grandchildren an annual storybook with the illustrations being recent photos of them. It can be tricky trying to write a story based on the photos but so far so good. My grandchildren really enjoy these books and I love making the stories come to life for them.

QUT Library has a selection of resources to assist with writing children’s literature. Like me, you may be satisfied with family and friends enjoying your tales or maybe you would like to lift the bar higher and aim for a children’s best seller! Either way, good luck.


Hi, I’m Becky, I work as a Library Adviser in the Law Library. Currently I’m assisting students online with referencing and researching enquiries. Behind the scenes I work on different projects ranging from primary law resources to library guides to Endnote.

I read constantly (and listen constantly as I really enjoy audio books too) from fantasy to cookery to children’s books to crime. Books can raise so many emotions and some of the happiest books can also be some of the saddest reads.

I’ve just read The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse which my daughter gifted to me and it’s beautiful and uplifting for these current times. That book reminded me of a photo I wanted to share of a very happy read, I hope it makes you smile too!

The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse is available in the Library 


I’m Kate.  My main job at QUT is as a Liaison Librarian with the School of Design but I do love to do other jobs when I get a chance.

I really love reading – pretty well anything – but I do not do it as much as I would like.  There are so many distractions.  This is my favourite spot to pretend I am going to read.  Usually  I get tempted away by the water and the beach, but I do like to plan to read here, especially with a glass of beer or bubbles.  

I think the book that means the most to me is an old school anthology called ‘Mainly Modern’.  It introduced me to poetry and that has given me so much pleasure and depth over the years.  I have lots of other poetry books now but I still often come back to this one.  Many of the poems run in my veins now, mixed with beer and champagne I guess. 

The library has more poetry than you can possibly read.


Hello, my name is Helen and I work as a Library Adviser in the Health team, at the KG Library. As a Library Adviser, I mostly answer questions from students on how to find things in the library and its databases, and how to reference the things they find. We also maintain a lot of online self-help guides on those topics, so recently I’ve been making a few explainer videos too.

My favourite place to sit and read is actually brand-spanking-new! Something about being home so much has compelled me to move all the furniture around my flat, so I’ve put my favourite armchair in a new spot next to the front window where I get plenty of light all day.

Short stories are about right for my attention span at the moment, so I’ve gone back to this gently-aged copy of some shorts by Katherine Mansfield. Mansfield is kind of the Kiwi Virginia Woolf, and her writing is so effortlessly good that they whisk you along, and I get totally absorbed without really noticing.

The library has books by Katherine Mansfield

Hope you are enjoying our ‘Happy Reads’ series as much as we are!

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