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Happy Reads: Part 3

QUT Library staff are sharing some reads that make us Happy!

With the cooler weather and shorter days we are relishing our reading time!  Here are some more of our favourite reads…


1. THU

I am a Library Adviser with the Creative Industries team, supporting QUT’s community at reference service points and via other activities related to learning, teaching, and researching.

This is my most favourite outdoor reading corner at home, especially during these days when the sun is not too strong for the eyes but a nice source of warmth.

The Kindle is a birthday gift from my oldest sister, who has been the current president of our family’s reading club. It helps me overcome the homesickness for the bookcases filled with books written in “tieng Viet”. Swiping the screen has somehow become a substitute to the friction of the pages through my fingers…


I am a visual art graduate and I work with Creative Industries staff and students – helping them find the resources they need to teach and to learn.

I like to read cookbooks with a story, but this week a found a favourite form my childhood in my bookcase. The Secret Life of Gnomes (Leven en werken van de kabouter) by Wil Huygen, first published in English 1977. I haven’t looked at this since I was a kid [probably in 1977!], but I remember loving it. The illustrations by Rien Poortvliet are just so cute, and the book can make you believe that gnomes are really out there in the forests! Well, the forests of Northern Europe at least.

There are many magical picture books in the Curriculum Collection of the Library


Hi, I’m Jenny. I’m the Manager, Library Service at Gardens Point Library. I look after the staff who work at Gardens Point Library and also help to look after the building (V Block) which is one of the most popular buildings on Gardens Point campus.

I love reading but it takes me a long time to finish a book. I would love to finish books within a few days but I can’t bear to skim read anything in case I miss something important. I’m not good in a book club as I never finish the book on time 😊

This is my favourite reading nook, located on my parents’ farm out near Allora. I love anything written by Isabelle Allende, Ian McEwan and Philippa Gregory. I’m currently devouring “Island Beneath the Sea” by Isabelle Allende.

Island beneath the sea is available in the library

4. JAI

I’m Jai, I work in the Information Access Team.  Best way to describe my job is how I describe it to students “You know the Library Search, Library databases and when you log in it says Security verified and everything hopefully ‘just works’ – that’s me”.

I mainly read on the train, so a challenge of late has been remembering to put in some time for to read while I’m at home.  I’ve just finished The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, which tells the story of an orphaned German girl in World War 2.  I had already seen the film but the book fleshed out so much of the characters backstory and setting, so even if you’ve seen the film I still highly recommend the book.  It really made me appreciate the freedom we currently live in.

The book thief is available in the library


Hope you enjoyed our ‘Happy Reads’ series, that’s it for now but we hope to share more with you again some time soon!

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