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Happy Reads: Part 2

QUT Library staff are sharing some reads that make us Happy!

With the sun going down earlier, we’re finding we have extra time for reading!  Here are some more of our favourite reads…




Hi, I’m Marcel I work at QUT Library KG in Collection Access. I’m busy with many duties including; Shelving, Returns, QUT Readings, Document Delivery Lending, Course Reserve, Collection Maintenance  and assisting students and staff with library questions.  I like working at QUT because I know my contribution to the library will help students and staff achieve their goals and that makes me happy! I also enjoy socialising with my friends at QUT!

I haven’t read a book for a while. I have some on my shelf waiting to be read! I mostly read articles from Flipboard or Google news or Apple news. These are science, health, technology, space, history and U.S. political analysis type articles. They make me happy because they provoke deep thinking on my part and challenge my thinking in regards to a subject. Also I learn something new and get a greater understanding about the world.  Usually I read them during my commute to work on the train and bus or before going to sleep on my iPad.

QUT Library has some smashing journals online including Nature and The Economist.


I work behind the scenes to ensure electronic resources (eBooks, journals, databases, streaming video) are available for staff and students to access. That includes ordering and monitoring, training, reviewing licence agreements and plenty of correspondence.

All picture books bring me joy, especially when listening to the giggling of children as they listen on during Storytime. You’re never too old to enjoy a picture book.

Image: Clancy the galah (8 years old) reading Jeremy by Chris Faille; Illustrated by Danny Snell. You can access this book in the library here


Hello, I’m Catherine, a Health Liaison Librarian. I teach information literacy into undergraduate programs, help researchers with database searching, systematic reviewing and Endnote, and work on the Library collection.

I love reading! It lets you travel through space and time, have new experiences and see other points of view. I have a particular predilection for islands, so unsurprisingly my most recent favourite read is “The unseen” by Roy Jacobsen. It follows a family living on a tiny island off the coast of Norway. It makes you feel the rhythm of the seasons, the threats and balm of the weather and the harsh beauty of the landscape.

The library has this book here


I’m Michael, currently a Liaison Librarian for the Science and Engineering Faculty. My role is essentially about helping connect staff and HDR students with the information that they need.

 A read that I always return to to make me happy is ‘Everyone’s an Aliebn When You’re an Aliebn Too’ by Jonny Sun. Just a short illustrated book about Jomny, a lonely alien who has been sent to Earth to learn about humans (but who doesn’t know what humans are). Instead he talks to a range of creatures – a tree, a puppy, the abominable snowman, the concept of nothingness – about life, acceptance and what it means to be alive.  

The Library has this book and many other graphic novels here


Hope you enjoyed this ‘Happy Reads’ post, we look forward to sharing more with you soon!

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