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Happy Reads

QUT Library staff are sharing some reads that make us Happy!

The library is not just about study.  There are so many great reads to keep you entertained as well.  Here are some of our favourite reads and reading places…



I’m Emma – I’m a Liaison Librarian for the QUT Business School –  I teach classes, maintain the collection and offer research support to staff and PhD students.

I like reading on my balcony in the afternoon, watching the sunset, it’s my favourite time of day. My ginger cat sometimes sits nearby to be companionable.




I work as an Administration Officer, QUT Kelvin Grove Library. My role is to provide administrative support to the Kelvin Grove Branch Library and Manager.

 I love reading “100 Days Happier” book by Dominique Bertolucci, as it gives me simple and practical reminders to stay positive and happy by making small, daily changes in the way I think and act.

This book is available in the library collection


Hello, I am Narelle, Document Delivery Officer – I locate resources for our staff and students that QUT Library doesn’t hold.

A recent read that has made me happy was ‘The music shop : a novel’ / Rachel Joyce.   This book set in the 80’s (my era) revolves around a rundown music shop (vinyl only- no CD’s allowed) in London and its owner Frank, who has a gift for finding songs for his customers to help them through any situation they are currently facing.  The way the songs were explained and described in the book, just made me want to listen to all the songs mentioned – just to see if I could find the relevancy that a particular song had provoked in the characters. It was a bit of fun and there is even a ‘The Music Shop’ playlist on YouTube, which has all the songs from the book!  My favourite reading place is on holidays, at the beach, under my umbrella, on my beach chair with a coffee! BLISS 😊

This book is available in the library collection


At Library Resource Services, I have three main work tasks which always bring me to good reads: 1: processing ePrints/PURE records; 2: copy cataloguing, and; 3: serial accessioning.

Processing ePrints/PURE is like spreading out research outputs to scholar communities as well as to curious amateurs. Yes, I can be curious about anything, so I end up being an amateur of everything. Copy cataloguing is just like issuing a birth certificate for a book. With a birth certificate, a book can be searchable and is no longer an orphan. I even help books to reunite with their lost siblings on the bookshelf. Likewise, serial accessioning is to deliver a newborn baby (the latest issue) to a family which has already had hundreds, if not thousands, of members. Although these tasks have different working procedures, they share one same goal: bring information to their users—including me. Quite often, I’m first to know about new and interesting reads. That’s the bonus of working at LRS. Of the many good read I have had, this one is the most distinguished one. “Ernest Hemingway: the last interview and other conversations” is a birthday gift from my son. He bought it at “Shakespeare and Company”. Before reading this book, I was not a super fan of Hemingway. Because of this book, I became interested in the life of Hemingway (more than his novels) and then read Michael Reynolds’ long biography of Hemingway. It’s made a great difference when I now read Hemingway’s stories. Reading is just like that: one book brings in another one, and another one…then brings you back to the very first one. Reading is interesting, isn’t it? I think everyone who loves reading must have one’s favourite place, even favourite gesture, for reading. Mine? Well, a picture tells a thousand words:

The library collection has many books about and by Ernest Hemingway


Hope you enjoyed this ‘Happy Reads’ post, we look forward to sharing more with you soon!


  1. Tina Higgins

    Love this. Look forward to seeing more.

  2. batchelh

    Good to hear thanks Tina! Next one is coming soon 🙂