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Over Uni? Try OverDrive

Remember what it was like to just read for enjoyment?  With this year’s study, assignments and exams in the rearview mirror for many of us – it’s time to get back into the art of reading for fun.

QUT’s OverDrive collection of fiction and non-fiction ebooks and audiobooks is ever expanding and ready for you to devour over the holidays.  The collection includes some of the most popular fiction titles and the classics, to the latest cook books and travel guides.

It’s easy and it’s free:

Download to your mobile device:

  1. Download the OverDrive app via Google Play or the App Store.
  2. Sign up for an OverDrive account or log in with your Facebook.
  3. Under Manage libraries select Queensland University of Technology and then sign in with your QUT username and password.

Download to your computer:

You can also use the OverDrive app to borrow from Brisbane City Council libraries if you are a member.


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    Hi Sandra.

    This is such a fantastic idea! It’s so wonderful seeing how libraries around the world are modernising and it’s fascinating how some of these newer technologies are being implemented.

    For example, I noticed that the National Library of Australia is creating a massive catalogue of eBooks and websites and blogs that are related to Australian life by inviting people to make submissions. I’ve also seen this a lot in the United States.

    We have a huge guide on how to make an eBook here which a lot of authors and budding writers use. I’m thinking about adding a list of libraries where they can submit their work as an additional resource once the work is published.

    Anyway. Enjoying the blog here!


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      Sandra Fry Reply

      Thanks Ramsay, glad you’re enjoying the blog 🙂

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    Is it possible to make requests for specific books/authors to be made available in OverDrive?

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