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Lost or stolen items in the library

Kelvin Grove Library, Level 2.
Kelvin Grove Library, Level 2.

We are always sad to hear when theft occurs in the library and do you know the best thing to do to ensure this doesn’t happen to you? Keep an eye on your stuff! Don’t leave your bag, laptop, or books on tables unattended. If you need to go somewhere for lunch or even to the bathroom make sure you take your belongings with you or ask a trusted study-buddy to stay and mind your things.

If you think something has been stolen you will need to report it to campus Security. They can file a report and any information you give them creates a record to help track repeat offenders and prevent future thefts.

If you’ve lost something (or found something) visit the library Helpdesk and see the librarians. We hold lost property for the day before we send it over to the Student Centre for safe-keeping. You can also log an online form to report your missing item. It is always recommended to go to the Student Centre to make sure the item hasn’t been handed in there.

So please keep an eye on your stuff, be vigilant – if you see something that isn’t quite right then let a staff member know. Also remember we are obliged to report unattended bags to security so take your things with you when you leave – it also frees up study spaces for other students!


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    Alana Jack Reply

    I have lost or someone has stolen a library book and not sure what I have to do to report it?

    AUTHOR: Corbett, Edward P. J.
    TITLE: Classical rhetoric for the modern student
    CALL NO: 808 57 /3
    BARCODE: A17450527B
    Kelvin Grove DUE: 11-07-16

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      Annette Reply

      Hi Alana,

      Thank you for contacting us! In the future you can report a lost book by Asking a Librarian either in-person, phone, chat, or email.
      We have investigated this issue for you and found the book on the shelf at Kelvin Grove. The book is now checked in has been removed from your record.

      When someone reports a lost book to us we always advise them to check the shelf where the book belongs to see if it was accidentally put there.

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    Crismar Jose Reply

    Hi! I am a grade 11 student what are the things that the students always lost? thank you!

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      Hi Crismar! Students are always losing their USBs, water bottles, Go Cards and sometimes even their laptops or wallets. Everyone needs to be keep a good eye on their belongings 🙂

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