Study Tips & Tricks

Library Study Spaces

New study space, Level 5, Gardens Point Library.

Week 3 is here! And so begins the hunt for study spaces in the library. Here are some handy hints from library staff to getting the best seat in the house (library):

  1. Get to the library early! – No matter what campus you are at, if you want to guarantee yourself a study space the best thing to do is come early so check our opening hours.
  2. Bring your own laptop – There are various power outlets for use around the library for you to charge you device, just make sure your cords will not trip somebody over.
  3. Remember the silent zones – The top two levels of the Kelvin Grove and Gardens Point library are silent study areas, the second floor of the Law library is a silent study area, and Caboolture library has individual study carrels.
  4. Researchers’ Center – If you are a postgraduate student who fits certain criteria you may be able to request swipe access to the researchers’ center.
  5. Make a new friend – If someone is using a large table don’t be afraid to ask them to share.
  6. Get collaborative – contrary to popular belief, librarians do allow students to talk in the library, just be mindful of those around you and make sure you are not in a silent study zone.
  7. Book a study room – Make your life easier by planning ahead and booking a study room.
  8. Watch the screens! You’ll notice the digital screens near the entrance of our library branches can let you know where available computers are.
  9. Ask us! Don’t forget the librarians are here to help you and can suggest good places on campus for you to study.

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