Summer Library lovin’

'Dead Sea, man reading' by  Arian Zwegers (CC BY 2.0)
‘Dead Sea, man reading’ by Arian Zwegers (CC BY 2.0)

End of Semester has officially arrived – huzzah! Of course  Summer Semester has begun so whether you’re studying through the coming months, or have easy days stretching before you, the QUT Library is here for you.

  •  Throughout Summer Semester (17 November to 20 February) the staff on the QUT Library Helpdesks will be available to help you with all your researching and study inquiries – check each Branch for specific dates and Summer Semester times.
  • Staff and HDR Students, your Liaison Librarians can also be contacted for assistance over the Summer months.

Now apart for the obvious selling point of coming  into the Library over Summer – hello air-con – we also have lots to offer in the way of downtime and relaxation as well as our usual student study and research support. Perhaps you have been so focused on your coursework this Semester/year that the existence of these fun and frivolous library offerings may surprise you?! Over the coming weeks we’ll be blogging a ‘Summer series’ about these,perhaps unexpected, offerings of the QUT Library for you to enjoy so stay tuned!








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