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SciVal is a web-based strategic analysis tool that is based on Scopus data. SciVal makes it easier to analyse research performance at an individual, group or institutional level. It has three modules that offer quick, easy access to the research performance of 4600 research institutions and over 200 countries worldwide.

  • Overview module: You can get a high-level overview of the research performance of QUT and other institutions based on publications, citations, authors, research areas and collaborations.
  • Benchmarking module: You can determine your strengths and weaknesses by comparing performance metrics of researchers or defined research groups against those of other individual researchers, teams or institutions.
  • Collaboration module: You can identify and analyse existing and potential collaboration opportunities across the world. You can identify suitable collaboration partners for specified research areas and see who other researchers and institutions are collaborating with.

Recently, SciVal introduced new functionalities in their continuing efforts to simplify use of the database.  A few of the more interesting and noteworthy additions include:

  • You can now share entities (like a ‘group of researchers’) with other SciVal users at QUT.
  • It is much easier to define groups of researchers.  Previously, you had to define each researcher and then create your group.  You can now define your researcher and add them to the group – all in one step.
  • You can now assign tags to researchers or other entities you create.

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