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Happy National Science Week!

“Don’t Try This At Home!” by Mark (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Gardens Point Library will be running a series of activities from 18-22 August to celebrate National Science Week. There is an amazing display in the entrance of Gardens Point Library that includes puzzles, microscopes, anatomy models and molecular models.

There will also be a number of challenges and special presentations at various times, including an egg drop challenge, unmanned aerial vehicles, solar observing (outside) and engineering challenges (towers and bridges). All things that you can’t (or shouldn’t) just do at home! Many of the activities are being run by the STIMulate Team (maths, science and IT support for learning).

So, come along and take part!

Program of Activities 

      QUTLibrary_NatScienceWeek_2014 (Click for full page view)


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