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Forever young

"Where the Wild Things are, Maurice Sendak, Library of Congress, Washington, DC' by Photo Phiend (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
“Where the Wild Things are, Maurice Sendak, Library of Congress, Washington, DC’ by Photo Phiend (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Discussions around beloved childhood books brings out the best in people. To-ing and fro-ing regarding the merits of Spot VS Clifford; whether the means to an end justified Harriet’s spying habit; whether the rabbit hole is equal parts philosophy and mathematics and indeed, did Hermione ‘settle’?

You never forget those characters or tales that brought joy, comfort, amazement and thrills to your small heart and sharing and discussing those love affairs now as adults allows you to relive the joy. Seeing those familiar book covers of the classics transports you back in time, makes the world A-OK  and I must say, there is no greater thrill than introducing your own children to those very same titles as you fervently hope that they love them as much as you did.

Every year since 1945,  the  Children’s Book Council of Australia has designated one week a year to celebrate all things reading with Children’s Book Week. Libraries and Schools around Australia organise extravaganzas, activities and competitions particularly acknowledging Australian authors and illustrators but generally rejoicing in the written word and teaching our children to do the same. This year’s theme is Connect to Reading and, through Children’s Book Week, little eyes, minds and hearts will be opened to the joy that is truly connecting with a story, its characters and exploring brave new worlds.

Children’s Book Week 2014 runs from August 16-22 and QUT Library will be celebrating with a display in the Curriculum Collection at Kelvin Grove from Monday 18 August. So, come along – if you want to come dressed in a wolf suit we won’t tell – and check out the fantastic displays and wonderful books on offer for the little people in your (rich inner) life.

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