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Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…

'Breathe' by Rob (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
‘Breathe’ by Rob (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

It’s easy to start feeling overwhelmed at the beginning of Semester – particularly if this is your first semester at Uni. You’ve had your first lecture, seen the reading list (and freaked out); you’re still finding your way around campus (why is Z block next to C block?); You know there’s folders on the Blackboard site that have important info in them but you haven’t got to them all yet; you may be juggling paid work and family responsibilities; your first assessments are due soon…queue hyperventilating. It’s all pretty overwhelming stuff.

So, take a breath and come to the library for free mindfulness and meditation sessions run by QUT Counselling and calm your mind. They’re drop in, free and open to all QUT Staff and Students.

  • KG: Thu 2:15-3pm Library R403 (practical exercises for calming & clearing the mind; sitting on floor)
  • GP: Wed 12:30-1pm Library V4.08 (practical exercises for calming & clearing the mind; sitting on floor)

And when you’re calm and able to focus again, sign up for one of the Library workshops to help manage your study and we’ll have you swimming along in no time!

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