Your Library Needs you!

Change by M.A.R.C.          (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Change by M.A.R.C. (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Here’s your chance to make your mark, go down in history and  perhaps even win a JB Hi-Fi voucher for your troubles.

We need your feedback to help us improve library services! Participate in a library focus group -we’ll ask for about an hour of your time- for the chance to win a $250 JB Hi-Fi voucher.

To register for a session:
1. Sign up at the Library Helpdesk or
2. Send an email to with your full name, student number and home campus by 1 August 2014.

So, what’s YOUR favourite chemistry compound?


‘The Periodic table’ by Larry (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


Calling all Chemistry compound aficionado’s! Here’s your chance to give your love of Chemical compounds an outlet into the world and onto the big screen!

QUT’s latest project for The Cube is Chem World which aims to provide an inspiring and hands-on experience of chemistry and its fundamentals. Think rockets and fireworks. And you can be a part of it! Just tell them a bit about your favourite chemistry compound and suitable submissions will be included in the project. You’ll also be acknowledged on The Cube panel and will receive a VIP invite to the launch event. Chem World will be launched on Friday 15 August during National Science Week at QUT. More info and the online entry form can be found on The Cube’s Chem World page .

So get thinking and weighing up the pros and cons of your all time favourites.

And for those who are perhaps looking to start somewhere a little more basic, the Library’s Chemical Sciences Subject guide is a great introduction to the Library’s resources in this area.

Be inspired at TEDxQUT 2014


TEDxQUT 2014 is happening Saturday 2 August at Gardens Point Campus. TEDxQUT is an independently organised TED event which aims to start conversations, propagate ideas and nurture storytelling and creativity to enact positive change in the world. The theme of TEDxQUT 2014 is ‘Spark: finding inspiration, turning inspiration into action and sparking a change in others’.This year’s speakers include actor and unicyclist Samuel Johnson, and writer, film maker and current QUT student Freya Wright Brough.

Why not get into the spirit of TEDxQUT 2014 by reliving TEDxQUT 2013. Join us at Kelvin Grove Library where we’ll be showing screenings from TEDxQUT 2013.

Daily from 28 July – 1 August
Time: 12-1pm
Where: Kelvin Grove Library, level 3

Bring your lunch along, we’ll have coffee and refreshments. See you there!

Strengthen your willpower for study success

Are you feeling these kids’ pain? As adults, we often are able to delay gratification of delicious treats but it’s important to recognise that our world is full of metaphorical marshmallows, too. We need to learn and continually practise skills to help us resist the seductive temptations that distract us from studying – like a totally vital invitation to play a Facebook game, a funny video on YouTube or just some great weather outside.

Willpower is the ability to resist short-term rewards in order to achieve future objectives. If you want to maintain and build your willpower in the face of great marshmallow-like temptations during Semester 2, we’ve translated the current advice into six practical strategies.

  1. Eat. Strong willpower requires energy. More specifically, your brain needs glucose to help you stay focused. Are you fueling your body with nutritious food? At regular intervals?
  2. Sleep. When you’re tired, it’s harder to control your thoughts and focus your mind.
  3. Plan. Are you setting achievable goals? Break large tasks into smaller ones: make a plan or write a to-do list. Focus on one task at a time. These resources on Studywell might help.
  4. Focus. “Out of sight, out of mind” – make sure your biggest distractions are not visible and cannot easily tempt you away from your goals. The children in the marshmallow experiment who stared directly at the marshmallow were more often tempted than children who looked away, or distracted themselves. Turn your email and social media push notifications off, put your phone on silent, and disconnect from the internet.
  5. Find balance. When you’ve finished a good study session or had a productive day at uni, take a break, reward yourself and have fun. When you’re in a happier mood, you will have higher self control.
  6. Be aware. A sick, tired, stressed or hungry body will focus on fighting illness and performing basic functions rather than on more complex thinking and behaviour. Stay alert to when your energy is depleted so you can organise your study schedule accordingly.

Get social with QUT Library

socialmedia (3)QUT Library uses a variety of social media platforms to share news and information.

The QUT Library blog (thanks for reading!) is a great place to find information about being a student at QUT. Our blog posts cover a range of topics, from what’s happening in the Library and around the university to study and exam tips to services you might like to access as a student.

Follow us on Twitter @qutlibrary to get information about new resources, upcoming events, academic skills and tons of fun, wacky and interesting links.

Our YouTube channel has a range of videos that will help you explore Library resources and improve your study habits. Videos include advice on finding a book on the shelf by call number, time management, referencing correctly and more.

If a picture is worth a thousand words how many does a pin count for? Explore our Pinterest and Flickr pages to find out. Our Pinterest boards are designed to provide you with inspiration in your subject area and our Flickr sets show you all the different Library spaces.

So follow us on your favourite social media platform. It’s a great way to get connected to the QUT community whether on campus or off.


New to computers? IT Skills Solutions can help

Using computers is an essential part of uni life. If you haven’t used computers much before, it can seem overwhelming. But don’t worry, we have the perfect solution!

You can book a free 25-minute appointment for one-to-one help with:

  • Basic computer skills
  • How to use QUT online systems
  • How to help yourself

Get ready for success at uni. Book your free IT Skills Solutions appointment online or in person at the Library Helpdesk.

It’s not too hard or too late!


Got visitors? Things to see and do at QUT

Are your family or friends visiting for graduation or to help you get ready for your first semester? Are you just looking for something different to do around campus? There are plenty of free or reasonably priced cultural activities available on our QUT campuses. Below is a list of my favourites. Please let me know what I have missed!

Gardens Point

Senator Waters visits the Cube by Greens MPs CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Senator Waters visits the Cube by Greens MPs (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

The Cube – Check out one of the world’s largest digital interactive learning and display spaces. The Cube is fun (and educational) for visitors of all ages.

Gardens Theatre – Experience the vibe of a wonderful live performance in our very own theatre.

QUT Art Museum – Enjoy exciting exhibitions featuring artists of local, national and international importance. Participate in art programs suitable for a variety of audiences.

William Robinson Gallery – Be inspired by the William Robinson Collection, various temporary exhibitions and an archive of Robinson’s art.

Kelvin Grove

Kelvin Grove Markets by Charles Strebor (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Kelvin Grove Urban Village – Not just great food (and coffee), the KG Urban Village also offers plenty of fun social and cultural events.

La Boite Theatre Company Roundhouse Theatre – Renowned for its intimacy, accessibility and imaginative staging capabilities, the auditorium is a modern and expanded copy of the original La Boite Theatre at Hale Street.

And of course, don’t forget to visit our beautiful Library buildings on each campus!

Get ready for study


New in Semester 2? Welcome! Returning after Semester 1? Welcome back!

Whether you are new to QUT or returning refreshed from break and ready to tackle another semester, QUT Library has plenty to offer you. Now is the time to:

We look forward to meeting you in the Library and helping you get off to a brilliant start!

Level 6 of Gardens Point Library is getting a makeover

Berry Hard Work by JD Hancock (CC by 2.0)

Berry Hard Work by JD Hancock (CC by 2.0)

There are some changes happening on level 6 of Gardens Point Library.

Individual study spaces will replace group study spaces, and there will be more power outlets for your laptops and other mobile devices making it easier for you to study solo.

Work will begin on the new space soon. From the 14th of July you will no longer be able to book the group study rooms on level 6. If you’re after a book, the collection on this level will still be accessible while work is happening.

Tips and tricks for the new look Quick Find


Quick Find is a search tool which allows you to search across the QUT Library catalogue and a range of databases. It finds resources which are seamlessly accessible to you as a QUT student or staff member. quickfindReturning students may notice that Quick Find has a new look. Here’s what’s new with QUT’s Quick Find as well as some tips and tricks for how to use it.

What’s new?

  • Your selected search filters now stick when you change your search terms.
  • You can now filter results by study area, making it easier to find the most relevant resources.
  • Quick Find now suggests related topics.

Tips and tricks

Use the advanced search to create more detailed or specific searches. The advanced search is great if you already know some of the details of the resource you’re looking for, such as the author’s name or the publication date.

citeYou can save resources by clicking on the folder icon in the top right of each record. You can then access these resources in the saved items folder which can be found to the right of the search box and export or email them to yourself. This is a really handy way to keep track of useful resources.

Generate citations by clicking on ‘Cite’ in the preview pane, then selecting your referencing style of choice. This is a quick way of gathering all the information required for your reference list, but always make sure to double check the citation using CiteWrite to ensure it is correct.