Changes to level 1 at Gardens Point and Kelvin Grove Libraries

As we blogged earlier this week, work is commencing to consolidate the QUT Library print journal collection and that means some changes for level 1 at Gardens Point Library. Well, we didn’t want to leave Kelvin Grove out of the fun! There will be some similar changes happening there as well.

Construction Lego Mini figures by John Robb (CC by 2.0)

Construction Lego Mini figures by John Robb (CC by 2.0)

Gardens Point

Level 1 at Gardens Point is now permanently inaccessible to staff and students. To access print journals from 2012 and prior, you need to complete a copy request form and articles will be delivered to you via email. You can still browse and read current and 2013 journals on Level 4.

Kelvin Grove

From Monday, 2 June, work begins on level 1 at Kelvin Grove and past issues of print journals (2012 and prior) won’t be directly accessible. Again, you will need to complete a copy request form and the article will then be delivered to you via email. Level 6 still has current and 2013/2012 journals for you to access yourself.

Clayton Utz Law Library

No changes. Come and browse our extensive legal periodical collection during regular opening hours.


Changes to level 1 at Gardens Point Library

4371369897_2bffca0f31_b (1)

Construction Lego Mini figures by John Robb (CC by 2.0)

Work begins on consolidating past issues of QUT Library’s print journal collection from Tuesday 27 May 2014. The changes will mean Level 1 Gardens Point Library will be permanently inaccessible to staff and students.

To access past journal articles, complete a copy request form and articles will be delivered to you via email. If you’d like to browse and read current journals, come in to one of the branch libraries and grab a comfy chair.

  • Gardens Point has journals from the current and previous year.
  • Kelvin Grove has journals from the current and previous two years.

Submitting your assignment at Caboolture Library

QUT Library Caboolture All Rights Reserved Queensland University of Technology

QUT Library Caboolture All Rights Reserved Queensland University of Technology

Ah, the sweet relief of successfully submitting your assignment! As you are probably aware, Assignment Minder closes 15 minutes before the library at all campuses. What you may not know is that Caboolture Library’s opening hours are significantly different to those of Kelvin Grove and Gardens Point Libraries.

During semester, Assignment Minder is available at Caboolture at these times:

Monday to Friday          8am – 6.45pm

Saturday                       9am – 3.45pm

Sunday                         9am – 11.45am

Remember, students can submit at any campus. So even if Caboolture is closed, Caboolture students can still submit assignments at Kelvin Grove and Gardens Point.

If you find yourself often rushing to submit at the last minute, check out the resources available to help you manage your study, including planners and videos, on Studywell.

Good luck with your final assignments!

QUT celebrates National Reconciliation Week, 2014


In May we commemorate National Sorry Day and National Reconciliation Week.

In recognition of these two important events, Kelvin Grove Library will be screening a curated collection of TEDx talks presented by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander speakers and performers. Everyone is welcome! Bring your lunch and settle into a comfy bean bag to watch this collection of inspiring talks. Some coffee and refreshments will be provided.

National Reconciliation Week TEDx Lounge

  • Tuesday, 27 May – Monday, 2 June
  • 12 – 1pm
  • Level 3 of KG Library

At the end of the week, join us for a yarn about the issues raised in the talks. We promise a thought-provoking discussion.

Journey for Recognition and Reconciliation’ Yarning Circle with Uncle Bill Buchanan (Co-Chair, Reconciliation Queensland)

  • Tuesday, 3 June
  • 12 pm
  • Level 3 of KG Library

QUT also has many more free activities planned during National Reconciliation Week including a Bush Tucker Walk in the Botanic Gardens. Find out more at the QUT Events Page.


Stay safe on campus

Studying on campus at night? Our QUT Security team has a number of services that make it easier to stay safe.

SafeZone at QUT – Download this app for free  and connect with QUT Security for emergency assistance and first aid. The Security team will know where you are.

Night Security Bus – Check out the timetable and pickup locations. Please call and ASK whether your stop can be included in the run – mine was!

Security Escort – Security officers are available to escort students and staff between buildings, campus carparks and local public transport points.

More safety information and tips are available from the Personal Security page.

SafeZone. QUT Facilities Management All Rights Reserved Queensland University of Technology

SafeZone. QUT Facilities Management All Rights Reserved Queensland University of Technology

Get a free massage and chill out at QUT Library

Just chill out by sleepymf CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Just chill out by sleepymf (CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Getting stressed as the assessment deadlines stack up? Get on top of it all or just take a break at the Chill Out Zones hosted by QUT Library in collaboration with QUT Counselling Services.

Drop by for a one-on-one chat about study and student life and get your questions answered about Centrelink, accommodation, budgeting, QUT rules and procedures, managing stress, and more.

And… Free Massages!

Dog in sleep by Eugene0126jp CC-BY-SA-3.0

Dog in sleep by Eugene0126jp (CC-BY-SA 3.0)


Kelvin Grove Library ~ Tuesday 20th May ~ Level 3, R Block
Gardens Point Library ~ Wednesday 21st May ~ Level 3, V Block
Time ~ 11:00am – 1:00pm and 5:00pm – 7:00pm (both libraries)

Get the inside track on publishing your work with the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)

Board Engineer Electrical Engineer by bykst  (CC0 1.0)

Board Engineer Electrical Engineer by bykst (CC0 1.0)

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) is the world’s largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.

QUT Library is excited to host a webinar presented by Jalyn Kelley, IEEE Client Services Manager, for HDR students, postdocs and researchers keen to have their manuscripts accepted for publication by the IEEE.

Learn more about how to publish papers in IEEE periodicals and conferences as well as timesaving techniques for finding technology content.The IEEE Xplore database boasts over 3 million full text documents and is the premier collection of research in electrical engineering, electronics, computer science and related disciplines.

It’s time to lawyer up

Trial by Jury by David Henry Friston (Public domain via Wikimedia Commons)

Trial by Jury by David Henry Friston (Public domain via Wikimedia Commons)

Courtroom drama has been capturing our attention for hundreds, even thousands, of years. More recently, casual TV watching proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Australia is a land of beautiful young solicitors and rakish barristers. Well, probably not, even though we may sight some likely candidates roaming the courts and law offices of Queensland.

To discover the real, non-perjured story of law and justice come to one of the many events organised for Law Week.

  • Get a behind the scenes peek of your local courthouse.
  • Learn more about the different services provided by Queensland Government.
  • Attend one of the many events held across the state.
  • Dip into the comprehensive program planned for May 16th on Queen Street Mall in Brisbane.
  • Make sure you don’t miss our very own QUT Law students as they put Alice on trial for the murder of the Jabberwock. I hear the Red Queen is making a very special appearance as the witness for the prosecution.

And of course, any time of the year you are very welcome to visit and use the QUT Clayton Utz Law Library located on Gardens Point Campus in C Block.

Top ten mums in popular culture

A totally subjective list of stand out mothers – from the great to the really, really awful. Let us know your picks in the comments.

  • All about my mother – You can’t go wrong with Almodóvar and strong women (runner-up Volver has some of the toughest mums in cinema).
  • Mother – A Korean mother will do anything for her son in this pitch black comedy thriller. From the director of The Host.
  • Transamerica – Motherhood gets complicated in this story of a boy reconnecting to his father who is in the process of becoming a woman.
  • Stories we tell – A wonderful documentary by filmmaker Sarah Polley searching for her mother’s story.
  • Bad boy bubby – This Australian cult classic has my vote for worst mother ever. Warning – not for the faint-hearted!
  • Serial mom – Mums have to have their hobbies.
  • The day my mother cried and other stories  – A lovely and humorous examination of author William D. Kaufman’s Jewish Ukrainian childhood.
  • Are you my mother?: A comic drama – Alison Bechdel’s graphic novel follow-up to her classic memoir Fun Home.
  • Are you my mother? – Mums come in all shapes, sizes and species.

And to move away from the child-centric view of mothers, here’s one for the mothers themselves (try not to tear up) – Love you forever:



Elephants coming soon to QUT Library!


National Simultaneous Storytime is an annual campaign which encourages the reading and enjoyment of books for young Australians with the simultaneous reading of an Australian children’s book at events across the country.

Join QUT Library’s special storytime event, the reading of Too Many Elephants In This House by Ursula Dubosarsky and illustrated by Andrew Joyner.

Time: 10:30am – 12:00pm

When: Wednesday 21 May

Where: Curriculum Collection, Kelvin Grove Library, D block, level 4

Readings by Adele Amorsen, Faculty of Education and School of Early Childhood students. We have lots of elephant activities too! We welcome all QUT staff and students, children, parents, grandparents and carers.