Attack distraction. Get mindful!

caffeinating, calculating, computerating by Ryan Ritchie (CC - BY - ND)
caffeinating, calculating, computerating by Ryan Ritchie (CC-BY-ND)

Is it hard for you to concentrate on necessary tasks?  Does your mind wander even when doing something fun? Do you … hey wait! Before you click to the next page, check your phone… oops, distracted again. Read on – I promise I’ll be brief.

We may think that we are great multitaskers but studies have shown that we are mostly wrong.  Truly paying attention to what we are doing in the moment can improve learning and positively affect many aspects of life. One amazing and easy activity to help you cultivate the feeling of flow in your work and to experience your life more deeply is the practice of mindfulness.

Reading about mindfulness and meditation is a great start. Or you could join a club here at QUT. MY Time QUT offers weekly yoga and meditation sessions as well as special retreats and even bush walks.

QUT Counselling also offers weekly mindfulness meditation sessions at both Kelvin Grove and Gardens Point. Go to the MY Time QUT Facebook page for more details.

See, that didn’t take too long. Practicing mindfulness is really …  Is that a puppy?

Fat puppies by cuatrok77 (CC - BY)
fat puppies by cuatrok77 (CC-BY)



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  1. Nerida Quatermass Reply

    This is a great book on the topic- “Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes”
    by Maria Konnikova

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