Feed your brain

It’s that time of semester – deadlines are looming and it can feel all a bit too much. One of the first things to get pushed to the bottom of the to-do list is making sure we are eating well. You probably already know that healthy eating gives you a strong foundation for everything, even studying. It’s easy enough for this guy to grab some plant-based tucker…

Red Panda
Small panda eating in the snow III by Tambako the Jaguar (CC-BY-ND)

…but how do busy students do it on a limited budget?

There is lots of advice out there to help you make sure you are keeping your brain well fed and watered. This site aimed at Uni students has many great tips and this one takes you through the whole process from shopping to cooking styles and recipes. For those times when the cupboard is bare and pay day is inconveniently still in the future please don’t go hungry. The QUT Student Guild can get you over the tough spots with a selection of healthy items in the Food Bank.

If you’ve tried it on your own but think you might need some professional advice you can also make an appointment at the QUT Nutrition and Dietetics Clinic.



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