De-stress after Week 2 with a good movie

Every year around Oscars time I check my to-watch list and realise there are so many more amazing films I need to see! If you also get inspired to bulk up your film knowledge or you just enjoy a good flick there are plenty of ways to satisfy your movie itch via the Library.

This year’s winners will soon be available for loan but in the meantime you can easily search for “Academy Awards” to find books, DVDs and streaming video of past winners and nominees. Kanopy logo

An even more convenient option is to go straight to one of our excellent online video databases. For narrative films and award-winning documentaries Kanopy Streaming is the place to start. On Kanopy you can work your way from the earliest days of film with silent classics like Broken Blossoms up to recent popular Aussie films like Chopper and Kenny and international classics like All About My Mother, La Dolce Vita and heaps more. For documentary fans there is an extensive collection ranging from classics such as Nanook of the North to modern crowd-pleasers like Man On Wire.

Watch anytime, anywhere and rack up your film snob points.



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