Help with writing and referencing a click away

Help! I have a report due on Friday…

My tutor went through it in class and it looked pretty straightforward but now I have to write the thing I just don’t know…

This is embarrassing, but I haven’t written an essay in years…

These are the types of questions and comments we hear at the Library Learning and Research Desk every day. The answers to these and many more questions are all found in one great tool…

cite write

QUT cite|write is more than just a heap of excellent examples showing you how to correctly cite sources and create an awesome looking (and correct) reference list. (Useful as that is.) QUT cite|write will also walk you through the process of creating your report/review/critique/ other type of assignment.

And don’t forget to double check your assignment information and ensure you are following the correct format.

Happy Writing!


Shout out to student volunteers on campus

QUT is a big place. There’s a lot to learn and the pace is fast. You might feel lost on campus, or with your work.

Luckily, QUT students have the support of many friendly volunteers who use their time and skills to help others and have some fun at the same time.

  • STIMulate Peer learning facilitators help other QUT students with maths, science and IT concepts – on campus and online. They are fun-loving people who make learning new concepts enjoyable instead of scary.
  • QUT Connectors show new students around campus and their faculty or school and are full of helpful tips about what’s important during those first few weeks of university. Connectors also participate in other events throughout the year.
  • Campus Life Volunteers make our QUT campuses a more vibrant and exciting place by assisting in the planning and delivery of campus-wide events and helping to build strong communities among students within the faculties.

A big thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers – QUT wouldn’t be the same place without you!

If you would like to volunteer yourself please follow the links above.

And if some emotional support is what you need, please seek out a QUT Counsellor.


Finding online video for your study

I like reading as much as the next librarian but sometimes words on a page (or a screen) just aren’t enough. At uni reading textbooks is the usual way most of us learn about a new topic because they give us a broader theoretical overview of subject information. The next step is to learn how to put theory into practice. That’s where video can be helpful. Watch others demonstrate key skills such as counselling a client in a psychological setting, treating a patient in hospital, working with a class of school kids or performing live on stage.


QUT Library provides access to a range of online streaming videos that demonstrate all these professional scenarios and can be used for personal study by students, or for showing in workshops and lectures by academic staff.

The full range of online video resources is listed here. For academic staff, your liaison librarian can help you to identify relevant videos for teaching and to embed individual videos and video clips in Blackboard for students to view.

Feed your brain

It’s that time of semester – deadlines are looming and it can feel all a bit too much. One of the first things to get pushed to the bottom of the to-do list is making sure we are eating well. You probably already know that healthy eating gives you a strong foundation for everything, even studying. It’s easy enough for this guy to grab some plant-based tucker…

Red Panda

Small panda eating in the snow III by Tambako the Jaguar (CC-BY-ND)

…but how do busy students do it on a limited budget?

There is lots of advice out there to help you make sure you are keeping your brain well fed and watered. This site aimed at Uni students has many great tips and this one takes you through the whole process from shopping to cooking styles and recipes. For those times when the cupboard is bare and pay day is inconveniently still in the future please don’t go hungry. The QUT Student Guild can get you over the tough spots with a selection of healthy items in the Food Bank.

If you’ve tried it on your own but think you might need some professional advice you can also make an appointment at the QUT Nutrition and Dietetics Clinic.



It’s Pi Day


Pi Pie

Pi_pie2 by GJ (Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)

Pi Day is March 14th of course. If you aren’t sure why then read more about the wonders of pi here. Not just for maths fans, the more musically inclined can enjoy pi this way:

If you want to brush up on your maths skills or need a little help with science or IT concepts for your studies you can come along to one of the STIMulate drop-in sessions. Peer Learning Facilitators (that means your fellow students) are available for one-to-one support. The STIMulate Blackboard site has many useful resources as well.


Managing your time

I don’t know about you but when I have a lot of different things going on at the same time it helps me to take a moment to stop, step back and think about the best way to tackle it all.

With O-week a distant memory, week two of semester wrapped up and everyone about to plunge head-long into week three people are busy:

  • wrapping up last week’s lecture notes
  • working out where to find course readings, lecture slides and lecture recordings on Blackboard for all their units
  • finding the textbook in the bookshop or library
  • meeting new people in class and catching up for study groups (or a drink)
  • starting to think about what assignments are coming up
  • preparing for the next lecture
  • jobs, toga parties, kids and life in general

Setting up a weekly and semester planner is a good way to set out (and remember) all your classes, workshops, labs, tutes, assignments, exams, shifts and deadlines. Sometimes I also like to sit down the night before a big day and make a daily To Do list to help me know where I have to be when, and what I have to have done. Be willing to be flexible in your plans but make sure you stay focused on what is most important.

And don’t forget to make time for yourself. Sit in a park and read a book. Drive down the coast and have a swim. Go for a walk along the river and eat an ice cream. Spending time away from study is a good balance to the time, stress and energy that you will be giving to the semester ahead.

Happy International Women’s Day!

iwd_squareInternational Women’s Day has been celebrated on March 8th around the world since 1911. This year’s theme, Inspiring Change, highlights the achievements of inspiring women everywhere and calls for continued progress toward global equality. Here are my suggestions for marking this special day.

Add your suggestions for celebrating International Women’s Day to the comments. I would especially love to know about Australian films with strong female characters. 

De-stress after Week 2 with a good movie

Every year around Oscars time I check my to-watch list and realise there are so many more amazing films I need to see! If you also get inspired to bulk up your film knowledge or you just enjoy a good flick there are plenty of ways to satisfy your movie itch via the Library.

This year’s winners will soon be available for loan but in the meantime you can easily search for “Academy Awards” to find books, DVDs and streaming video of past winners and nominees. Kanopy logo

An even more convenient option is to go straight to one of our excellent online video databases. For narrative films and award-winning documentaries Kanopy Streaming is the place to start. On Kanopy you can work your way from the earliest days of film with silent classics like Broken Blossoms up to recent popular Aussie films like Chopper and Kenny and international classics like All About My Mother, La Dolce Vita and heaps more. For documentary fans there is an extensive collection ranging from classics such as Nanook of the North to modern crowd-pleasers like Man On Wire.

Watch anytime, anywhere and rack up your film snob points.


Study Skills Expo – 2014

Study Skills ExpoThe Study Skills Expo is back!

Drop by this one-stop shop for tips to help with your studies and getting the most out of your life as a uni student.

Visit the stalls and exhibits to find out more about:

  • starting your first assignment
  • working in groups
  • writing
  • researching
  • getting organised
  • career planning
  • managing your finances
  • IT help
  • and more

Three convenient locations and times:

When:  Tuesday 11 March, 10am – 1pm
Venue: Caboolture Library, L block

Gardens Point
When:  Thursday 13 March, 10am – 2pm
Venue: Gardens Point Library, V block, level 4

Kelvin Grove
When:  Tuesday 18 March, 10am – 2pm
Venue: Kelvin Grove Library, R block, level 3

The Study Skills Expo is all about you and what you need to succeed! Don’t miss it!

For more info visit the Study Skills Expo website.