How to read a book in 2hrs or less

Cats are reading a book by Catunes (CC-BY-NC-SA)
Cats are reading a book by Catunes (CC-BY-SA)

How to read a book in 2hrs or less (Thanks Gradhacker)

  1. Start by finding and reading book reviews using Quick Find. Book reviews give you a summary of the book’s main points and help you determine what parts will be helpful for your research.
  2. Read the title, table of contents and skim the introduction and conclusion for the author’s argument. What are they trying to say? How do they say it?
  3. Only read in detail the chapters relevant to your research. Skim the introduction, headings and conclusion of other chapters for context.
  4. Write notes by answering questions: How does the author’s views impact the answer you give to your research question?
  5. Do a cited reference search. Find out what other high impact researchers have said about the book and its arguments.

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