QUT Library is social…


Keep up to date with what’s happening in the library by following us on your favourite social media platform.

The Library tweets information about new resources, upcoming events, academic skills and general interestingness. If you have a Twitter account follow @qutlibrary to stay informed.

Our YouTube channel has a range of videos that will help you explore library resources and improve your study habits. There are videos on everything from finding a book on the shelf by call number to time management to referencing correctly.

The QUT Library blog (which is actually what you’re reading now) is a great place to find information that can help you as you progress through the semester. Our blog posts are designed to tie in with academic milestones, so you’ll want to visit the blog to get your exam study tips.

If you prefer to get your information visually then come and take a look at our Pinterest and Flickr pages. Our Pinterest boards are designed to provide you with some inspiration in your subject area and our Flickr sets let you see all the different library spaces.

QUT Library is in a variety of online spaces, so no matter where you are, come and have a look at what we have to offer.

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