Read the newspaper at the library

You can find a range of major Australian newspapers in the newspaper reading area at each campus library. The Courier Mail and Sunday Mail, the Australian and Australian Financial Review are available at all libraries. Additionally Gardens Point library holds The Age, the Sydney Morning Herald, the West Australian, Koori Mail and Torres News (as well as some major newspapers from China, India and Malaysia).

The newspaper racks at Gardens Point branch library

It’s a good place to start the day with your coffee and catch up on what is happening in the world, or chill out between lectures.

Of course our newspaper titles are available online too, and you can access them from our newspapers and news media collections page.



BlackWords and AustLit talk to QUT Grad Ellen van Neerven

QUT Creative Writing graduate Ellen van Neerven was recently interviewed by Dr Anita Heiss as part of the insightful series “In Conversation with BlackWords.” Ellen is an up-and-coming author who won the David Unaipon Award in 2013 which honored the unpublished manuscript of her novel Heat and Light.

Read other conversations in this fascinating series with authors such as Melissa Lucashenko and Bruce Pascoe on the AustLit database.

BlackWords is available via AustLit and hosts the most comprehensive record of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander publications.


5 tips on becoming a student… again

Rosalind Franklin

Rosalind Franklin Copyright Henry Grant Archive/Museum of London

Returning to study or starting a university degree for the first time is exciting, but can be daunting. Here are our 5 tips for gently preparing for study:

  1. Technology
  2. Engage
  3. Access
  4. Calibrate
  5. Help yourself


Success at Uni today means being literate with the QUT website, particularly the Library website and Blackboard to access your unit information and do your assignments. Luckily QUT offers Library tours to help you learn about online and physical Library spaces. QUT also offers workshops and online support on how to use Blackboard.


Students who form friendships with other students thrive more than those who study alone. Swap mobile phone numbers and email addresses with students in your tutorials in week 2 to form study groups. Book a study room in the Library for regular meet ups.


Find out how to access free support services to help you manage any challenges you face.

  • QUT Counselling Services offer free and confidential counselling consultations.
  • QUT Library offers Study Solutions, free 25 minute 1-on-1 academic skills appointments.
  • QUT Careers offers free consultations to help you pick the right units, align your course choice and feel confident in your career direction.


Use The Desk and QUT’s Assignment Calculator to help you calibrate your life and study to achieve your learning goals and manage your time effectively.


Ask for help. Approach a friendly QUT Librarian on any campus, by phone or online to get immediate help.

For more help with returning to study go here.

8 ways to make goals stick

Goal Setting: How to create an action plan and achieve your goals

Happy New Year! Setting New Year’s goals is a tradition supported by academic research on independent learning (see Harvey & Chickie-Wolfe, 2007, Ch.1). Setting goals and maintaining goal-directed behaviour can improve study effectiveness (Harvey & Chickie-Wolfe, 2007).

If you are thinking of setting goals for 2014, Here are 8 ways to make goals stick (modified from Wilson and Dobson, 2008, Ch.1):

  1. Write down your goals.
  2. Make goals achievable.
  3. Describe your goals in specific, measurable terms.
  4. Visualise both the pathway to your goals and the goals themselves.
  5. Look for potential problems that might keep you from achieving your goals.
  6. Take action to remove or minimise potential problems.
  7. Regularly review progress towards achieving your goals.
  8. Know the personal rewards of achieving your goals.

For more advice, QUT Library has a great range of videos and books on how to set effective goals.


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