All systems go for AcWrMo

Steampunk computer
Steampunk computer made by Jake Von Slatt--by floorvan (CC-BY-NC-ND)

November is Academic Writing Month (#AcWrMo). AcWrMo is ideal if you are writing a thesis (Honours, Masters or PhD), then AcWrMo is for you. AcWrMo is also recommended for any researchers with a deadline.

6 Rules

  1. Decide your academic writing goal.
  2. Declare your goal on the shared Google Docs spreadsheet, over twitter (#AcWrMo), on your blog or to your dog.
  3. Draft a writing strategy
  4. Discuss your progress
  5. Don’t slack off
  6. Declare your results

If you want to join in, then sign yourself up on the shared Spreadsheet with outlandish writing goals and get writing.

Academic Writing Month

Academic Skills Adviser @ QUT Library

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