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30th anniversary of the Tasmanian Franklin Dam Case

30 years ago in 1983, an historic High Court decision marked a victory for the environmental movement in the battle to stop a hydro electric dam being built on the World Heritage listed Gordon River in Tasmania. The Tasmanian Dam case not only heralded a win for the Tasmanian wilderness but also for the Federal government in its exercise of powers over the States.

Read about it in this little book in the Law Library The Franklin dam case : commentary and full text of the decision in Commonwealth of Australia v State of Tasmania / by Michael Coper. Find a transcript of the High Court  judgment on AustLII, or read the reported case, (1983) 158 CLR 1, in the Commonwealth Law Reports via library subscription database Westlaw AU. You will need a cup of coffee and a comfortable chair.

Image courtesy of Tasmanian Electoral Commission website.


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