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Overdues, fees and sanctions

If you have library items which are more than 28 days overdue an academic sanction will be applied to your student record. This will prevent you from receiving examination results, graduating and obtaining academic transcripts.

To have the sanction removed, you must return the items or pay the replacement costs in full. Failure to do so may lead to you receiving a QUT invoice for the items and possible debt recovery action.

Check your My Library Profile on the QUT Library website.

HOW TO PAY: Replacement Costs can be paid online at any time by credit card via QUTPay, or in person. Enquire at any QUT branch library.

QUT Library is committed to ensuring equitable access to resources and we ask you to return or renew your library items by their due date.

Full details are available at

If you have any questions, please speak to library staff at your branch library or online via Ask-a-Librarian.

Content sourced from QUT News Web Service.

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