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Placing a hold or intercampus request

As a Caboolture based student or staff member your access to print resources is not limited to the items held in the library here in B Block.

By placing an intercampus or Library Store request you can easily access many of the resources held in the Kelvin Grove, Gardens Point and Law libraries as well as from the Library Store … that’s almost half a million items. You can also request journal articles, just complete an Intercampus copy request form.To request a book or DVD from another branch simply follow the Placing a hold instructions, or ask at the Learning and Research Desk if you are not sure.

Textbooks are in high demand and often on loan, but remember that you can also place a hold on books or DVD’s that are already on loan. It is worthwhile.….a hold request will shorten the loan time for the person who has the book on loan and disallows any renewal request for the book. Also, a “Recall” email is generated to inform the person that there is an earlier due date for the book or DVD. An added incentive to ensure  the shared access to books and DVD’s that are in demand, is that they will incur 40 penalty points per day if the book or DVD becomes overdue after being recalled.

The prescribed texts for the Caboolture Campus based units are available from the Course Reserve collection for a 2 hour loan in the Library….ask for these at the Learning and Research Desk.

Requested books are couriered to the Caboolture Library for pick-up and you will receive an email notifying you when your book/s are available. Any requested journal articles will actually be emailed directly to you! Both processes usually take about a day or two. Most books and DVD’s that have been “available” when requested will arrive the next business day.

Staff at the Learning and Research Desk can assist with any or all stages of your resource hunting quests… Ask a Librarian!

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