Hunt out your blue stockings!

Bluestocking week is being relaunched this week! It celebrates women’s place in and contribution to the academic world. 

A bluestocking is an educated and intelligent woman.  At times in the past it has been used in a pejorative sense, but various groups have still celebrated and praised the intellectual woman.

Australia’s first female graduate was from the University of Melbourne in 1883.  Now women compose about 55% of students!  Bluestocking Week began to be celebrated in Australia in the 1980s.   It was an opportunity to campaign about and celebrate women’s participation in higher education.  The practice declined in the last decade and is being revived in 2012.

The library has a display of materials related to Bluestocking Week in the cabinets underneath the stairs.  Why not drop in and have a look or you could find out more about Bluestocking Week from the NTEU.

The Bachelor Girls exhibition has information and images about women in Australian academia. 

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