Old news

The National Library of Australia is digitising old newspapers and making them available online. 

Do you need to research past events or opinions?  Are you looking for primary sources?  Do you want to have a lot of fun exploring the past of your country, your home town, or even your family?

The National Library of Australia has digitised many major daily and smaller newspapers.  These are available from the Trove website (http://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper).  You can do keyword searches of newspapers and magazines up to 1954.  Facet searching allows you to limit it to articles with illustrations or from particular times and places.  Currently, there are 7,188,153 pages consisting of 69,616,444 articles available to search!   

The newspapers are scanned from microfilms and then Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is used to translate it and make it searchable.  Because of the poor quality of the source material, sometimes the searching is not accurate.  Users are asked to correct errors they see when they compare the image of the newspaper with the translated text.  This can be quite addictive!  Six volunteers were recognised for their help in correcting over 1.7 million lines of online text at the Australia Day Achievement Awards in 2010. 

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