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Accessing the Learning Place

We’ve had some enquiries regarding access to the Learning Place.  The Faculty of Education has negotiated with the Department of Education and Training (DET) to allow access to the Learning Place.  All education students should have received an email outlining how to gain accesss, but read on for a refresher. (Note : QUT Library does not manage the access to this resource.)

Access to the Learning Place is provided to individual QUT Faculty of Education students, who hold blue cards, upon payment of an annual fee of $32.00. Students can pay online via QUTPay 2012 Access fee to the DET secure online learning environment (The Learning Place).    The Faculty will submit  the details that you enter into the QUT Pay system to the DET in a bulk report. Requests will be forwarded to DET on a weekly basis to enable access. It generally takes a number of days for individual access to be finalised. Once your details are forwarded to DET, you will receive an email from them requiring you to agree to a code of practice before your access will be confirmed.

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