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Reference and write right, now – save time, later.

Academic referencing, citing and writing is a skill. Doing it well takes time and practice but it is not difficult once you understand the basics, develop your skills and know where to find help.
QUT cite|write is your best place to start.

The booklet gives you a general overview on the different styles used at QUT, explains what referencing and citing is and why it is important, and provides a basic introduction to academic writing. Students new to QUT can pick up a free copy at any Library Learning and Research Desk or anyone can download a copy from the QUT cite|write website.

The website gives referencing and citing examples in each of the four styles, as well as guides for writing in different formats. It is the practical tool to use while you work on your assignments.

Then, if you still aren’t sure, the Library has people who can assist you. Come in and ask.

You have lots of deadlines and little time so don’t risk getting it wrong and or getting caught out. Start right, start now, start here: http://www.citewrite.qut.edu.au/


  1. The pamphlet introduces you to the fundamentals of academic writing and provides an overview of the many styles used at QUT. It also discusses the significance of referencing and citing sources.

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