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Placing Holds on Curriculum Items

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Many students use the Curriculum Collection for assessment tasks, as well as while they are on placement.  To clarify some of the confusion regarding placing holds on Curriculum items, read on!

Yes, you can place a hold on items in the Curriculum Collection!  However, the student who has the item will not receive a recall notice advising them to return the item within seven days.  Students often take Curriculum resources with them on fieldwork, and as it may be difficult for them to return the item earlier if it is recalled, they are given the full 42 day loan period.   You should place a hold, though, if you require the item, as the student who currently has it will then be unable to renew the item at the end of the 42 day period.  As soon as they return the item, you will be notified that it is on the holdshelf, waiting for you to pick it up.

IMPORTANT! As you won’t receive a recall notice when a hold is placed on Curriculum items you have borrowed, unless you attempt to renew a Curriculum item and fail, or check it in the catalogue, you won’t know if there’s a hold on it. If there is a hold and you fail to return the item on time, you will be penalised 40 penalty points a day! (As opposed to 1 point a day for ordinary overdues.) This adds up very quickly!


a.       Try to renew Curriculum resources if you think you’ll be late returning them. You can do this online, wherever you are.

b.      Be especially careful to return Curriculum items on time, every time!

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