Add some Methods to your Madness

If you’re struggling to understand more about quantitative research, qualitative research, literature reviews and critical thinkings – there’s whole database of books and articles to assist and use.

SAGE Research Methods Online has really useful material – either  search for a word or browse via a concept map to find out about different research methodologies (e.g. empiricism, Marxism, positivism, rationalism) whilst browsing to Quantitative Data techniques will provide information on the mystical world of bootstrapping and cluster analysis.

Users can also create their own login and create their own essential lists of readings in the area to share with your team.  There’s a whole bibliography on interviews for example.

It’s an easy database to use and contains entire books, handbooks, encyclopaedias & dictionaries. Definitely the best single resource at QUT library for information on research methods.

Quick video guides are available in the database and on You Tube:

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