Week 1: Take control of the oncoming semester

Having more of an idea of what the semester has in store – assignments, timetables,  social events – makes week one the perfect time to take control of your semester. The problem is these plans can end up bearing little resemblance to our actual priorities…

… which can lead to stressful assignment writing and unfortunate surprises. So we’ve put together our top tips to make your planning more practical, meaningful, and successful.

Start by planning your plan. Studywell recommends a really practical approach where you manage all levels of your time: semester deadlines, weekly timetable, and daily tasks. (You can find out more about this at the time management session or presentation).

You can use this approach and/or the following tips to get the most of your planning:

  • Get the most out of your semester planner.  Make sure your deadlines are meaningful. Write up details about your assignment, not just the due date, but the unit and the type of assessment you have to prepare. Place your planner somewhere visible, so that you can track your semester deadlines week by week. Don’t forget to include public holidays, and other key dates.
  • In a weekly timetable, include all your commitments, such as work, social events, sport etc. This is essential to making sure your planning is realistic, so that you can allow yourself enough time to complete tasks.
  • Use a weekly timetable to set aside some uni time, which isn’t taken up with classes. This should be dedicated time that works for you, whether that’s a desk at home or a comfortable space in the library. This is an important step in keeping up with weekly readings, revision, and tutorial activities.
  • A daily list is also a good way of prioritizing and working towards your deadlines. Whether it is a paper list, a notebook or your phone’s reminder function, find something that works for you.
  • Specific goals make your to do list effective. Deciding to spend an hour on uni work is great, but it also leaves an open space to check facebook, have a long coffee break, get distracted…. if you set yourself an achievable, specific goal for your time (summarizing this week’s key reading)  it’s easier to keep focused.

This is just one example of a time management approach and there are lots of study skills resources available.  We’d love to hear what works (and doesn’t work) for you.  Drop us a line below or tweet @qutlibrary

Time Management resources

Caboolture Library Closing Early this Friday 2nd of March 2012

The Caboolture Library will be closing at 5pm this Friday, due to works related to the construction of the new library.

This semester the Library will be open 8 am until 7 pm, Monday to Friday and 9 am until 4 pm on Saturday.  This is a bit of a change in opening hours from last year, and we hope you’ll find the extra time on Monday, Tuesday and Friday evenings helpful.

If you would like more information about QUT Library opening hours, you can find it here or from the link on the Library homepage.

Open sign

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Counselling Services at Caboolture Campus

Welcome new students and welcome back to continuing students!

We’d like to remind you that we have two Counsellors on campus to assist you with any personal, welfare or career concerns that you may have.

We can help you with things like:

  • Adjusting to uni
  • Getting the study/life balance right for you
  • Dealing with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, health/disability issues…
  • Common student concerns about procrastination, perfectionism, motivation …
  • Support for extension for an assignment
  • Support for withdrawal without academic/financial penalty
  • Financial difficulties
  • Concerns about career direction or course choice
  • Prac issues
  • Seeking part-time employment
  • Resumes and application letters
  • Graduate jobsearch strategies

And heaps more!

Make a time to see us at the Student Centre (ph 5316 7400), or come and say “hello” at our Problem Solving Cafe  in the Library – Tuesdays 2-3 pm and Thursdays 10-11am… and grab a free coffee, biscuits, info and other goodies!

Mandy White                                                                                                 Maria Oram


Mon – Thurs                                                                                                  Tues -Thurs
mandy.white@qut.edu.au                                                                      maria.oram@qut.edu.au

Welcome to Uni

Whether it’s your very first semester or you’re back after a break, Semester 1, 2012 is about to kick off!

So now is the perfect time to sign up to the Add Lib blog (via email or follow @qutlibrary on twitter). Whether you’re new to QUT or you’ve resolved to make this a successful year for uni, we’ll be able to keep you in the loop.

As always, there will be practical how-to-guides, useful study tips & tricks and the best places to access assistance– as you need it throughout the semester. (And because QUT Library does a lot more than loan books, we cover just about everything uni related e.g. researching, academic writing, managing study & work commitments, exam technique & more).

For example, this week we’ll be highlighting our top 3 resources to get set for uni in 2012. So sign up via email and get them delivered to your inbox.
Bring on 2012!

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The Add Lib Team

Start the Academic Year Off Right!

QUT Library is running  a range of academic skills workshops throughout the first four weeks of semester.  Whether you’re a new student just starting out, or a continuing student, who would just like to brush up on your study skills, these workshops will give you invaluable tips to help you with your studies.

All workshops are presented by your friendly Caboolture Library staff and include:

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  • Assignment research
  • The Writing process
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Effective learning and time management
  • QUT Referencing
  • Preparing for exams

See what other workshops are available and register for sessions, or click on the Workshops and tours link on the QUT Library homepage.  If you have any enquiries about the workshops please ask at the Learning and Research Desk or call the library on 5316 7420.

14th February is Library Lover’s Day

Forget Valentines Day, 14 February has been re-named Library Lovers Day!

Library Lovers Day celebrates the deep and enduring relationship between the Australian community and its libraries.

There are thousands of libraries in Australia and all are distinct and special. Nearly every Australian has their favourite library! Come and visit us at QUT Library and say hello!

There will be lots of unique Library Lovers Day celebrations held on and around 14th February.  For more information visit www.librarylovers.org.au.