99 of the best in home grown Indigenous literature

Acclaimed Indigenous author and social commentator Dr Anita Heiss has put together a list of 99 of her favourite Indigenous authored books.

Inspired by the BBC’s Book Challenge, Heiss wondered what an Indigenous list might look like and how many books most Australians would have read in terms of home grown Indigenous literature. While Heiss herself claims it is by no means a definitive list, she has simply recommended her “must reads”, and limiting the list to one book per author.

A mix of genres including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, children’s, plays and anthologies, the list includes:

Check out the full list on Anita Heiss’s blog.

Additionally, check out Black Words for works of literature by over 5000 published Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in Australia.

How many have you read?

Indigenous titles

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