The A, B, C, D of multiple choice

Multiple choice exams are:

(a) not a worry
(b) look easy, but can be deceptively tricky
(c) require a different sort of exam approach; or
(d) all of the above.

Whether you love them or loathe them, multiple choice is a very different type of exam experience.

Studywell has an easy guide on multiple choice questions and how they are structured.  As understanding how the questions work, helps maximise your success with this exam type.

It also includes heaps of useful tips to help you in the actual exam. Our top three are:

1.       Cover the choices and answer the question yourself first. Then look at the alternatives. If you have prepared for the exam, your initial answer will most likely be correct.
2.       Don’t skim a multiple choice test. Read the questions and answers carefully. Many questions have pairs of answers that are very similar.
3.       Underline the key words in the question. This helps you focus on what exactly is being asked.

But you can also find out what key words to look out for, what to do with double negatives, or how to prepare for the different types of questions.

Good Luck!

Multiple Choice Exams

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