Finishing Assignments?

Reading over your assignment for the millionth time? Suspect there are mistakes you just can’t see? Aiming for an excellent communication mark or to highlight your professionalism?  

Studywell provides some tips and tricks to make checking over your assignment more effective. Here are some examples of what we’ve found the most helpful:

  •   Editing & Proofreading are actually two different processes. Try editing an assignment (looking at the overall structure and response to the question) before proofreading it (checking it sentence by sentence for grammar/word choice/typos/other sentence level stuff).
  •  Check you’re still on topic. During the editing process, do a quick skim read of your introduction, topic sentences, and conclusion. Does it still answer the assignment question?
  • If possible, leave the assignment for a day or overnight, after you have finished writing. A bit of space helps avoid seeing what you think you have written, rather than what’s actually on the page.
  • If you’re short on time, changing the way the document looks as you read over it can help. For example, you can print out a draft copy, change the font or sizing, to focus on the words on the page.
  •  Check that each in-text reference has a corresponding entry in the reference list. You can also compare your reference list entries against the examples on QUT cite|write.

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