Get set for exams – download a free study planner

It’s week 13, which means that final assignment deadlines, study-with-out-teaching week, and exams are all fast approaching.

Whether you are feeling stressed or need some motivation (to avoid procrastinating up to the last minute), getting organised for the next four weeks can save time and help you get on top of study.

It’s definitely not too late to start planning. It only takes a short amount of time to note due dates and exam times, and decide what & when you need to prepare.

For example, you can download the exam study planner from Studywell. Use it to mark your deadlines and set aside time (e.g. in revision week and between exams) to get stuff done.

Another tip is to make sure your planner includes achievable, concrete goals (e.g. ‘go over bioscience wk 8-12 lecture notes’ vs. ‘study’).  This not only helps leave enough time to revise for each unit, but it can also help avoid procrastination, because you have a clear goal to achieve in the time you have set aside for study.

Have a good last week of semester!

Screenshot of planner


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