Get started with subject guides

Subject Guide Icon Getting your first words down on paper (or onto the screen) can be the hardest part of an assignment. Never fear, subject guides are here!

A collection of resources grouped by topic, subject guides are a great place to start your research. We have hand-picked and grouped together books, journals, databases, RSS feeds, websites (and more) into one convenient place so that you know where to start looking for information on your assignment topic. We’ve even included videos on how to use a call number to find that book on the shelf and smarter ways to search Google.

Interested in the latest fashion books and DVDs we’ve bought for the Library? Then go to the Fashion subject guide. Need to know about caselaw? We’ve got Justice and Law subject guides. We’ve got Banking and Finance, Chemistry, eBooks for Engineers, Creative Advertising, Dance and many more subject guides.

Check out the subject guide listed for your area of study and come and talk to us at your closest Learning & Research Desk.

Fashion book from QUT Library Accounting book from QUT Library Accounting Dictionary from QUT Library

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