Writing. Writing. Writing.

It’s the time of semester when everyone is writing an assignment (if not several). These are our favourite free web resources for getting words on the page.

1.  Writing Structure Overview: there’s a reason this is one of the most downloaded resources on Studywell. It includes a clear visualisation of how to structure academic writing as well as a colour-coded example with explanatory notes.

2.  Thesis Generator: An online tool if you are stuck with a hypothesis for a persuasive paper/augmentative essay. Results vary – but it’s not bad for brainstorming what to include in your thesis statement.

3. What is a literature review?  Although not usually a fan of online tutorials, this guide to writing a literature review from the University of Sydney Library, covers everything I wish I had known before I wrote my first lit review. (There’s more lit review info on QUT Cite|Write as well).

4. Grammar and Punctuation: if you need to quickly check if your apostrophes are in the right places, Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL) has comprehensive punctuation and grammar guides as well as exercises. (Or for a laugh, check out the guide to apostrophes provided by the Oatmeal).


What have you found useful on the web for writing?

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