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Tobacco and other smoking products amendment bill 2023 (Qld)

The Tobacco and other smoking products amendment bill 2023) is before Queensland Parliament’s health and environment committee.

The policy objective of the Bill is to strengthen, modernise and future-proof the requirements, restrictions and safeguards in the Tobacco and Other Smoking Products Act 1998. These reforms aim to continue reducing the smoking rate in Queensland and provide the Queensland community with further protections from second-hand smoke and the illicit tobacco trade.

Professor Matthew RimmerProfessor Matthew Rimmer (pictured, right) from the QUT School of Law and Australian Centre for Health Law Research (ACHLR) welcomes the legislative bill, but recommends the elimination of smoking in Queensland should be the Government’s aim rather than just reducing smoking’s negative effects.

“The Queensland Government has shown commendable public health leadership with its commitment to tobacco control.

“This Bill provides important law reforms – particularly in respect of smoke-free environments, retail licensing, and law enforcement,” Professor Rimmer said.

Professor Rimmer has made a submission to Queensland Parliament encouraging the Government to update the objectives of its anti-smoking legislation to better reflect a tobacco endgame strategy.

“The objective of Queensland’s tobacco control regime should aim higher than the reduction of smoking’s negative effects and work towards a smoke-free Queensland.”

For more information on the Bill and the submission by Professor Rimmer visit QUT news.

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